College Rules

01. Eligibility for Admission

1) Admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right admission may be refused or cancelled without assigning any reason whatsoever. Detailed rules and instructions for admission are given in the prospectus.
2) A student after taking admission cannot claim by way of right to such studentship or to continue as a student of the college. The admission shall be cancelled at any moment with out assigning any reason for such cancellation.
3) Application for transfer certificate of a student made after one year from the date of leaving the college must be accompanied by a search fee of ten rupees.
4) The student have to bring his Identity card when they come to college. They are to produce their identity cards whenever or wherever they are asked to do so.
5) Outsiders are strictly prohibited to enter the College campus. Any body found to be moving in the College premises without any genuine purpose, will be handed over to the Law and Order authorities, if the college authorities so feel.
6) The students should not join any outside club or association without prior permission of the Principal.
7) Disfiguring the walls, floors, or doors of the College is strictly prohibited.
8) Students are expected to remain either in their class room or in the library or in the reading room during the working hours of the College.
9) Mishandling the property of others (e.g. cycles, scooters or tampering with the switches of the lights and fans in the class room and furniture) are strictly prohibited. If so, fine as deemed fit will be imposed.
10) Misbehaviour of a student in the class room, office or at any of the College meetings or College grounds during matches or sports is liable to be punished with a fine or expulsion or both.
11) Students are expected to abide a general hygienic principle and submit themselves to such ant epidemic procedure as would be laid down by the Principal.
12) No meeting of students will be convened or notified without the prior permission of the Principal.
13) Any unsocial or antinational activity or any act or behaviour of any student which is likely to create indiscipline among students will render such student liable for immediate expulsion from the college without any notice whatsoever. The decision of the Principal is final.

02. Library Rules

Library of a College is an essential part of it, contributing to the scholarly pursuits and dissemination of knowledge. Lingaraj Law College Library came into existence from the inception of the college over the last four decades. It has considerably grown in size both in the terms of membership as well as its services. At present the Library is possessing 19148 books and journals. The library also subscribes to 9 journal 10 newspapers and 10 magazines. Its membership extends mainly to students, scholars, teachers and employees of the College which at present stands at about 600 number.
A few relevant abstracts of the library rules:
1) The library shall be kept open on all working days from 11.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.
2) Issue and reference section shall be kept open from 11.00 A.M. to 3.30 P.M.
3) Admission to the Library: Only members are permitted to enter in the library premises.
4) Rules to be observed within the premises of the library.
The person desirous to take books or to consult books, journals in the library should strictly follow the following rules:
a) Every student is required to enrol himself /herself in the library after producing an identity card only signed by the Principal showing class and roll number. Identity Card not renewed is not valid for the purpose.
b) Readers desirous of using the Library or taking books should submit their Identity Cards duly signed by the Principal as well as enter their names and address illegible in the register kept for the purpose and the signature so recorded will be treated as their acknowledgment to abide by the rules of the library.
c) All personal belongings except purses and note books shall not be allowed to be carried by the readers into the library. Those articles shall be deposited at the door of the Library.
d) Readers should not write or make any mark upon, or damage, or mutilate any page of book, journal, manuscript or misuse the properties of the library.
e) No tracing or mechanical reproduction is allowed without the permission of the Asst. Librarian.
f) Readers shall maintain silence within the Library premises.
g) Readers before leaving the reference section should return the books, journals and manuscripts and other materials issued to the counter assistant.
h) Readers are responsible for any damage or injury done to the books, journals or other properties of the Library and should compensate the loss caused by them as determined by the In-charge of Library. If a book forming a set is damaged the whole set shall have to be replaced.
i) Spitting, smoking, eating, talking and reading loudly are strictly prohibited.
j) Dogs, cats and other pet animals are not allowed inside the library.
k) No reader is allowed to sleep inside the Library.
l) The students should maintain strict discipline at the time of issue and return of the books. They must come in a queue for any Library transaction. They must produce their identity card at the issue counter of the library before taking the books. The defaulters shall be refused permission to use the library.
5) The maximum number of books that can be borrowed by a student is five (5).
6) Penalty for loss of books:
i) Before taking a book out of the Library a member must satisfy himself as to whether the book lent to him is in good condition or not. So he must immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Asst. Librarian, otherwise he is liable to be held responsible for the damaged state of the book.
ii) If a book of a set is damaged or lost, the whole set may have to be replaced and the value as assessed by the Asst. librarian and approved by the Principal be immediately paid to the library or the books or set in question be actually replaced by the borrower.
iii) In case a book lost, three times of the cost of book should be deposited.
7) Books not be lent out:
Reference books will not be lent out to any member and these shall be used for reference inside the library.
8) Books not be lent out:
i) Books borrowed by the students must be returned within a period of thirty days time from the date of issue.
ii) Students must return all books issued to them and obtain no dues certificate from the library on or before filling up examination application forms to appear the university examination.
iii) Students are also required to obtain no dues certificate from the library at the time of admission into 3rd and 5th semester courses.
9) Fine:
a) Ordinarily no one shall be exempted from the payment of over due charges.
b) The Principal can allow any exemption or fine and also extend due date period of borrowers on sufficient ground with the recommendation of the Asst. Librarian.
10) Renewal of the borrowing books:
Books borrowed, may be renewed for a further period of any other term provided that no other reader has applied for the same book in the mean time. Any book may be renewed for a further period only upon presentation of the book at the library.
11) Renewal of the borrowing books:
Forfeiture of the Privileges: Any infringement of the rules will be disqualification for the use of Library.
12) Reading Room:
i) Newspapers and Magazines shall be purchased as per the recommendations of the Library Committee and approved by the Principal. In exceptional cases, the Principal may place orders and ratify by Library committee later.
ii) The reading Room will be kept open during the working hours of the college.
iii) Only students of the College can use Reading Room.
iv) The reading room is meant for reading or consulting books or reading periodicals, journals etc.
v) Sleeping, eating, smoking and using of cell phone etc. in the Reading Room are strictly prohibited.
vi) Periodicals, Dailies etc. placed on the table should not be shifted from place to place. No pages should be turned or anything be written on them.
vii) Misuse of the Reading Room will be a serious breach of College discipline.